Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Howdy Ma'am

Howdy y'all.  Let me go ahead and apologize to those of you coming to Story Hour to hear the BIG news that I teased you with earlier.  I gotta put that little Story on hold until Saturday . . . sorry to get you all excited for nothing.  But I am glad you are here and I do have a great Tale for you this evening!

Momma Sharon was standing in the middle of the road at Huntington Beach State Park (she does that a lot) and a silver car pulled up towing a most incredible-looking T@B.  Behind the wheel was Momma Ruthe, in the passenger seat was Duke the Australian Cattle Dog, and in the back seat was Papa Lloyd.  These newbies turned out to be some wild Texans joining us for the very first time and we loved them immediately!  I said "Howdy ma'am" to the newest T@B in town.  She should be known as Bubbles, but her official name is Duke Ra-La.  I really dig those bubbles plastered all over her!!

Duke the dog always wears a bandana and usually has a frisbee in his mouth. Ruthe always has a smile on her face and has everything you ever needed while camping.  (Duke's Camper Mom is the one who came to Momma Sharon's rescue when she landed face down in the gravel.) We didn't see too much of Papa Lloyd because he was working while we were all playing.

Duke Ra-La the camper, is a model called an Outback and has a lot of cool stuff that the rest of us don't . . . tire rack on the back, raised axle, utility platform, and metal battery compartment up front. I'm kinda envious of that utility platform.

Momma Ruthe is pretty famous now because as we were making our way through downtown Savannah, every time she got stopped at a red light, she started blowing bubbles out the window.  It makes me laugh every single time I think about it!

So that's my Texan T@B Tale for you today.  I can't wait to see Duke Ra-La, aka Bubbles, again in the spring at the Blue Ridge Rally and greet her with a big old "Howdy ma'am!"  Until then, CAMP ON my friends and always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, & Camping With The Texans"