Sunday, November 29, 2015

Dutch Oven Madness Strikes Again

Hey everyone . . . I hope you have had a wonderful long Thanksgiving weekend!  It was pretty quiet around these parts.  Reason #1 - I don't have a whole lot of family here.  It's just Momma Sharon, Aunt Becky, Miss Wendy, and Uncle Roger.  Reason #2 - nobody did any cooking because they all went out to eat.

Speaking of cooking, Momma Sharon got to open an early Christmas present last evening!  It was a Lodge 10-inch camp Dutch oven and boy was she excited.  You see, she suffers from Dutch Oven Madness.  I think that condition is related to OCD - Obsessive Camping Disorder.  They seem to go hand in hand in my humble opinion.

The latest CDO Award concocted by Chef Bill is the Test Kitchen Award.  In order to earn that award, Momma Sharon and her Cooking Peeps have to test 5 different recipes in their Dutch ovens.  But instead of cooking outside using coals, they have to cook inside using a conventional oven.  It will give our folks an opportunity to test out some dishes that they want to cook during the upcoming 2016 camping season.

Here's what transpired with that early Christmas present . . . 

A big, heavy box arrived this past week from Amazon . . . I wonder what's inside?
Oh joy!  Oh boy!  It's a Lodge 10-inch camp Dutch oven & carrying tote
Mom's cast iron trivet fits perfectly inside 
So does a 3 1/2 pound chicken stuffed with celery, carrots, & onions
Rubbed with olive oil, then seasoned & it goes in the oven for 90 minutes
It was falling off the bones as my Camper Mom pulled it out to let it rest for 10 minutes
There's no need to fear the CDO roasted chicken any more!  It's time to eat this bird!

Now that Momma Sharon has successfully kitchen tested the chicken and broken in her new 10-inch CDO at the same time, I predict there will be some birds being cooked in a campground next year.

Enjoy your Sunday everyone and until I have another Story to share, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, & Dutch Oven Madness"

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  1. I am glad Momma Sharon is treating herself well. She deserves it.