Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sharon's Lunchbox Surprise

Back in October, Momma Sharon was browsing her friends' Pinterest pages.  If you aren't familiar with that popular form of social media, think of an online scrapbook where you can cut and paste everything from recipes to photos of cute puppies, vintage trailer decor to DIY projects.

On that particular October day, a photo of a vintage lunchbox that had been repurposed as a hot chocolate bar caught her eye.  It was surrounded by lots of cool vintage holiday props.

Hmmmm . . . an idea was hatched!  Mom has a good friend, Suzy Spence, up in Hampton, VA that has a home-based company called GeorgiaPeachez.  She takes vintage Christmas items like Shiny Bright balls, fuzzy reindeer, elfs, bottle brush trees, and crafts them into the most amazing wreaths.

Momma Sharon zipped Suzy an email with the Pinterest photo and one question.  Would she consider creating a camping-themed lunchbox with a holiday vibe?  Suzy wrote back saying that might be something fun to do.  With the Coastal Caravan consuming our every waking moment, we kinda forgot about the lunchbox day dream.

This past Thursday, we got an email from Suzy that said:


I really enjoyed your recent caravan and all the pictures you posted.

In fact, your little Splash inspired me along with this picture of the cocoa station.

I've been working on this for a while and it is finally ready for the reveal.

In that email was a link to a YouTube video titled "Sharon's Lunchbox Surprise".   Well I tell you, we couldn't open that link fast enough!! Suzy's email went on to say that she would send a photo to show the detail.

When Momma Sharon and Aunt Becky travel up to Williamsburg in a couple of weeks, they will see Suzy in person at the Trinkle Hall Arts & Crafts Show.  Of course that means that the lunchbox will be revealed too! One more thing.  Suzy has a blog too and on Friday, she shared her Story about this awesome little lunchbox.  You can read it HERE.

Well friends, this wraps up my 2014 Stories.  I'll be back in February to tell you all about my upcoming trip down to LaBelle, FL for the Swamp Cabbage Festival.  Until then, have a great holiday season and always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love & Camping"

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