Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Myrtle Beach Days

One of the songs on the beach music CD that my Camper Mom gave everyone was "Myrtle Beach Days" by The Fantastic Shakers.  I found myself humming that song off and on throughout the entire caravan. Here's the chorus:

Myrtle Beach Days! 
We'll have some fun 
in the waves, 
I don't care what the 
West Coast says, 
But I love those 
Myrtle Beach, 
love those 
Myrtle Beach Days! 

Throw in miles of white sandy beaches that we pretty much had to ourselves, endless sun-filled days without a drop of rain, and the laughter of camping friends, well, it just makes me smile from wheel well to wheel well!

After dark, one of Mom's camper peeps always had a big campfire going.  In fact, I think they missed only one night of the entire trip! Some of those nights were kinda chilly and some were a little buggy, so that fire sure was good for the Southern soul.

On our first night at MBSP, a little camper rolled in that caught everyone's attention immediately.  I recognized that small silver beauty right off the bat . . . it was a brand new T@G.  You should have seen everyone rush to welcome Chela, its owner, and get a closer look.  We probably scared her half to death . . . LOL.  

Chela had quite a story to tell.  She had stopped in Columbia to get something fixed on her T@B and ended up driving off the lot with a brand new tiny trailer!!  We sure did enjoy getting to know the two of them on our Caravan.

I'll wrap up today's Story with photos of Daisy's outdoor decor, Aunt Becky's flowers, Lucy the little Bambi, and my friend from NY who belongs to John and Sandy.  Tomorrow, in Chapter Three, I'll tell you all about our travel day down to James Island.

Thanks for coming by for another Story and until we chat again, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love & Camping!"


  1. Chela's story is hilarious. I can't imagine making that decision on the spur of the moment. Of course I research things to death normally. But, hey, maybe she had!

  2. Momma Sharon walked into Tom Johnson Camping Center with her checkbook in hand and told them to put a SOLD sign in my window. Research? Yep, two years worth!