Saturday, April 16, 2016

One More Chore

Happ, happ, happy Saturday everyone!  Momma Sharon and I had one more chore to complete before we are ready to roll tomorrow.  When my new LP box was installed, Mr. Robert put it a bit closer to me than the old one. Consequently, the big white bucket that sat where the LP tank normally would be, was close enough to rub me in the belly.  As we bounced along the road from Lenoir to Newton, it left behind a tell-tale mark, so we knew that needed our immediate attention.

Momma Sharon took the bucket out and with a saw, lopped off two inches from the top.  Dropping the height of the bucket was about 90% successful.  There was still some play and we thought under bumpy conditions, it might continue to rub me.

Solution:  bungie cord and Velcro straps to pull it forward in the frame and a small section of pool noodle added at the back to increase the distance and eliminate the possibility of rubbing all together.  

Mom took the time to neatly wind up my extra power cord, three extension cords, and a handful of bungie cords.  They fit nicely into the bucket once again despite it being shorter.  We will criss-cross two short bungie cords over the top of the bucket to keep things in place as we travel.  One more chore completed!

Splish is all packed, the Yeti is awaiting ice, and we are shooting for a 10:00 am departure to Lake Hartwell State Park in the morning.  We'll have about a 3 hour drive down to the SC/GA state line and you can add a bit more time to that since we'll be stopping to fill up with cheaper gas in SC and grabbing a bite for lunch.

It's time for me to turn the blogging duties back to my Camper Mom. That means starting Sunday evening, you can pick up your Postcards again.  I will grab the computer back week after next.  Until then, always remember . . .

"Peace, Love, & Completed Carolina 
Lakeside Chores"

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