Saturday, April 30, 2016

Another Brilliant Idea Snitched

Momma Sharon is making me laugh out loud this morning.  She's all grumpy and cranky because she has to get her picture taken at church at ten o'clock for the new directory.  She knows they will want to sell her a package of portraits and I predict she will say something like, "I know what I look like".  LOL!!

Anyhoo.  Let me tell you about another brilliant idea that my Camper Mom snitched!  Several weeks ago on Facebook (the source of all new camping ideas), we saw a post by Michael that grabbed our attention. At Target, he found the perfect carrying case for his ice maker. Ooooooo….just what we need too!  It's made by Igloo and is called the Maxcold 45.

So off to Target she went.  Once home, out came the ice maker.  It's a match made in packing-for-a-camping-trip heaven!

Ice maker + Igloo = a perfect fit and it will sit nicely behind the Yeti, in front of the CDOs in Splish. Another brilliant idea snitched!!

After the dreaded portrait session, it's time to check the next item off our BRR to-do list:  wash, iron, then cut out the Survivor buffs.  14 days and counting until we leave for the biggest rally of the year.  I will probably have some photos of those buffs to share with you tomorrow and tell you a little Story about our Survivor Competition.  Until then, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, & Another Snitched Idea"