Friday, April 15, 2016

Good Mod

It's Friday and we are gearing up for our big Carolina Lakeside outing on Sunday!

One of our favorite movies is Dances With Wolves.  It's one of those movies that we can join at any time we run across it on TV and watch till the end.  There's a line in the movie that Momma Sharon and I love. It happens when Dunbar and Wind In His Hair trade gifts because of Wind's curiosity to wear Dunbar's soldier jacket.  After making the exchange, Wind says, "Good trade" and it's the perfect explanation of what occurs between the two of them.

Today's story is called Good Mod because it's the perfect solution to storing and securing Mom's Keurig during travel.  Like so many of my mods, she got the idea from someone else.  It involves a pizza delivery bag bought off of eBay for $7.94 that measures a perfect 12x12x12-inches.  The little coffee maker sits down in it just right and when it's zipped up and placed in my bottom cabinet under the sink, it's totally protected during travel.

We would both like to thank Michael Mancuso for the inspiration. Good idea…good mod!  I have one more little Story to tell you tomorrow before we hit the road.  Until then, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love & Good Mods"

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