Friday, April 8, 2016

A Day Of Bright Ideas

Over the course of the last year, Momma Sharon and a bunch of her Blue Ridge Rally Peeps have been on a journey of sorts . . . a cooking and camping journey using camp Dutch ovens.  They started this odyssey as a result of a workshop called "Dutch Oven Cooking 101", led by Chefs Bill, Elaine, and Lois. We are coming up on the first anniversary of that journey!

Anniversary bar to be presented to the Chefs during the upcoming BRR

Mom and the Chefs are forever trading recipes, tips, photos, and stories of their cooking escapades.  They even plan entire camping trips around those cast iron pots!  They participate in a series of monthly challenges to expand their cooking skills and earn patches to sew on their aprons and hats and tote bags.  There's an award that my Camper Mom created called "I Saw The Light" and to earn that, you have to share a tip with the gang.

I Saw The Light award presented to Chefs with great ideas & tips

Since the recent SC DOG, there have been lots of tips flying around and like any good Chef, my Mom has snitched a couple of those ideas and has even come up with one of her own.  

Tip #1 from Chef D'Nise, Chef Rob, & others:  use some sort of windscreen to keep your coals lit in your charcoal chimneys and during actual cooking.  This will keep breezes from causing them to burn too quickly!

Foldable windscreen purchased from Amazon 

Tip #2 from Chef D'Nise: use charcoal lighting cubes to get your fire started in a flash (pun intended)

Weber Lighter Cubes, also from Amazon

Tip #3 from Momma Sharon:  Use wooden shims if your Mr. Werner isn't level.  Slide them under the feet of your cooking platform to keep everything in your Dutch oven on an even keel and not running to one side or the other.

Inexpensive, easy-to-pack-in-your-bucket wooden shims

Mr. Werner is perfectly level

Tip #4 from the Chefs:  use a muffin tin to put samples of the 12 different chili dishes that will be cooked at the Chili Cook-Out during the 2016 BRR…genius!!

12 openings . . . 12 chili samples

I hope you have enjoyed hearing my Story about some bright ideas from our world of camp Dutch oven cooking.  It's the weekend and you need to get out there camping or cooking or BOTH!  Until I write another Tale for you, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, & Bright Ideas"

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