Sunday, November 17, 2013

Tanglewood Toast Un-rally

What a fun, fun weekend I had over at Tanglewood Park Campground with my friends!  I got to hang out with Pod, meet new LG T@Bs, and see other old Dutchmen friends.  Momma Sharon had a good time doing the same kinda thing.  She met a whole new group of T@Bbers that she had been chatting with online for quite a while.

I loved my site #2!  I had a grand view of a big field where I saw lots of deer.  I wasn't all crammed in with big campers, and my best buddy Pod was in site #3.  The weather was chilly at night, but just fine during the day and that suited me perfectly.  Here's a sweet shot that Mom snapped of me . . . 

Tiny little acorns kept bopping me on the head, but they didn't do any damage.  I could always tell when deer were nearby because they had an unmistakable musky odor to them.  I had lots of people peep inside for a SplashT@B Tour too.

It was the perfect weekend for me and my Camper Mom to finish our 2013 camping season and it was special to do it together!!

I've got a few more Short Stories to share with you this week, so drop back by when you have a minute or two.  Until then, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love & Camping!"

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