Saturday, November 23, 2013

Enter Toolbelt Sue

On the way home from the Rolling Home Rally in Ohio, the black knob on my overhead vent fell off.  It happened once before and Momma Sharon successfully put it back on.  But this time, it wouldn't stay put when she tried.  You'll notice that it's missing from the corner opposite the control knobs.

Enter Toolbelt Sue!  Momma's T@Bbin, junkin', and Sister friend is a very talented lady that everyone lovingly calls "Toolbelt Sue."  Actually, her name is Sue Luke and she can fix just about anything that's T@B-related!

On Saturday afternoon during the Tanglewood Toast Un-rally, Sue arrived with her big toolbox, ready to show my Camper Mom how to fix it.  Armed with just a screwdriver, they removed the plastic ring surrounding the unit.

Way up in the unit there's a mechanism that will raise and lower the "lid" on the fan.  Two screws hold it in place and one of the screws had worked its way out, causing the black knob to fall out.  It was a quick and simple fix to drop the fan down, replace that missing screw, tighten it up, re-attach the black turning knob, and put everything back in its proper place!  

The next time this happens, Momma Sharon will be able to do it herself. The next time it happens to one of my T@B friends, she will be able to step in and show someone else what to do . . . kinda like Toolbelt's Sue apprentice. 

I've been having another issue for the past year.  When Momma Sharon opened my window beside the door, it sounded like there was grit and sand in the "arms".  That window didn't want to operate smoothly and was notorious for falling down and closing all by itself! When we were at the Rolling Home Rally and the fellows from Little Guy were helping with all sorts of T@B issues, Momma Sharon purchased a new set of window arm mechanisms for me.

Enter Toolbelt Sue!  With a bit of assistance from Aunt Becky, Miss Sue quickly showed Mom how to replace those ornery parts.

Woohoo!  My fan works, my window opens and closes smoothly, and Momma Sharon now knows what to do the next time I need a some cosmetic work done, thanks to Toolbelt Sue.

We're all getting geared up for Thanksgiving around here and I'm thankful that I have family and friends that take such good care of me.  Until it's time for another SplashT@B Story, just remember . . . 

"Peace, Love & Camping!"

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