Friday, May 24, 2013

Two Cool Camping Books

Happy Memorial Day Weekend to all my camping peeps and friends!!  I know a lot of you will be out there in the woods, near the beach, beside a lake, and in the mountains celebrating and having fun this long holiday weekend.  I'm sticking close to home, because I have an adventure planned for early June.

This past week a couple packages arrived for Momma Sharon in the mail and I just wanted to tell you about them.  My Camper Mom takes hundred of photos when we are out on the road together.  When she gets home, she'll go through all those pictures and edit them before burning them onto a CD.  The bad thing about that is, those CDs get filed and no one gets to see all the photos on them.

But Momma Sharon will open her Shutterfly software, pull out the best of the best photos, and create a book about the trip we just took!  One of those packages that I mentioned contained a book called "James Island Spring Break" and it's a show and tell of all the fun we had down in Charleston in April.

She deviated from her normal earthy colors and went with something tropical and bold.  It's a fun, fun book full of pictures of me . . . tee hee . . . and all my friends!

The second book that arrived is all about my Blue Ridge Rally and Kentucky Bourbon Trail Caravan.  It has page after page after page of memories and I love it too.

I know Momma Sharon would love to show them to you, so I'll tell her to be sure to take them camping with us just in case you are there too and might want to look at them.

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend everyone and always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love & Camping!"

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