Sunday, May 19, 2013

I've Got New Tire Covers!

Well hey there everyone...SplashT@B here with a special Sunday Short Story for you!!

This afternoon Momma Sharon drove down to Becky's to visit me.  That was kinda sweet of her because I haven't seen her all week.  Not only did she pay me a visit, she brought me a present - - new tire covers!

My old tire covers were shot!  They were cracked and nasty dirty.  That's to be expected though given their age.  Aunt Becky bought them for my birthday many years ago and they have held up well to be so old.  On my Camper Mom's 2013 To-Do List was to get a new set and she did that right after the Blue Ridge Rally.  They are so pretty and white and they fit like a glove!!

Something else I need to tell you this afternoon.  On Cousin Pod's way home from camping at Blue Bear Mountain Campground this weekend, he saw a T@B that looked just like me!  Can you believe that?  I told him that that Techno T@B should just keep on truckin' north on I-77 because this is MY territory!

I've had folks tell me in the past they have seen SplashT@B, and bless their hearts, they didn't know that in the brochures, my color style was called "Techno T@B".  SplashT@B is the name that Momma Sharon gave me way back when we first met in March of 2007.  From time to time, I gotta make sure that everyone knows that...tee hee.

Something else I wanted to tell you was that it has rained every single weekend since our Blue Ridge Rally.  What's up with that?!?!  I don't have any plans to hit the road until early June, so I'm hoping that all these wet weekends are finished by then.

I hope you've have a good weekend yourselves and I'm really tickled that you popped in today.  Happy trails and remember . . . 

"Peace, Love & Camping!"

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  1. Love the new tire covers!! Let's hope the intruder Techno T@B gets the message and just keeps on truckin' north!! HAHA.