Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Snitched Idea

Hey everyone!  I'm having so much fun this week sharing SplashT@B Stories with you while Momma Sharon takes a wee break from sending out Postcards.

One thing that our moms and dads like to do when they get together at rallies like the Blue Ridge, is to stroll around the campground looking at everyone's trailers.  My Camper Mom is always on the lookout for a good idea to snitch!  When she was teaching, she always said "a good teacher is a thief", meaning it was a common practice to borrow a cool idea from a colleague.  I'm here to tell you that she has applied this to camping too . . . LOL!

Today I want to share one of those ideas that she snitched from her buddy Ella.  Inside Ella's Airstream Bambi, named the "Silvermine and His", hangs a nylon strap that holds all of her camping buttons.  The minute that Momma Sharon saw that I knew it would be one of my little mods one day.

On Saturday of the Blue Ridge Rally when it was pouring down rain, she and Aunt Becky joined Judy for a day of junkin'.  In the first store they went into, they saw belts everywhere and that's when Momma Sharon had a brainstorm . . . find the perfect belt to attach all her buttons to.  Here's the one she found for a dollar . . . 

It doesn't have a big ole clunky buckle, it's about three feet long, it's a nice beige color, and the material makes it easy to slide the pin into . . . PERFECT. She had to wait until we got back from the rally and caravan to make it.  The first step was to round up all the buttons from previous rallies.

The next step was to position the button and get the spacing just right. Look how great it turned out!  

She has already put a 3-M hook to the right of my door inside, up high. Those black loops at the top allow the belt to hang flat against the wall in between my door and window.  I gotta tell you . . . it looks SHARP!  The next time we are out on the road together, I'll show you a photo.

So thanks for coming by today to listen to my Story about my Momma the Thief!  Have a great Thursday and remember . . . 

"Peace, Love & Camping!" 


  1. Ohhhhh....I love this idea. If I snitch it from you then it will be double snitched!! HEHE

  2. Snitch away Rob...heaven knows I've "borrowed" enough ideas from you!!