Sunday, May 5, 2013

Back Home From The Road

Hey everyone!  I am back home snug and dry and warm under my T@Bport from almost two weeks on the road with Momma Sharon.  Boy oh boy do I have some SplashT@B Stories to share with you over the next week or so.  My Camper Mom does a little blog called Postcards From The Road, but I give you a behind-the-scenes look at our camping adventures.

Momma Sharon doesn't always tell you everything we did or the things we saw or share all her photos with you.  But never fail, I'll share some of my favorite Stories to fill in some of those blanks.

She spent several hours on the day before we left for the Blue Ridge Rally getting me all clean and shiny so that when my buddies met me at the Walmart parking lot in Conover, they would say "WOW!"

When my buddies parked beside me, folks in the parking started looking our way!  We even had trouble leaving for the rally because they wanted to stop and ask questions and peep in our windows.  It happens every single time we're out on the road!  All our folks are really good natured about it and they don't hesitate to show us off.

We got a late start to our mini-caravan north to Townsend, TN and I was itching to hit the road and get there!  I convinced Momma Sharon that we needed to drive up through the Smokies to get to the rally and that's exactly what we did.

When I pulled up to the campground office at Big Meadow Family Campground, all my relatives kept asking me where I had been.  That made me feel good that they were waiting for me to arrive.  Here's a photo that I really like showing us lined up and ready to check in.

I told my Mom to hurry up and get me unhitched and pull out all my decorations . . . I was ready for the party to begin!  With Aunt Becky's help, they attached my new Paha Que Side Tent and decorated me to the hilt.  I was struttin' my stuff for sure . . . tee hee.

I sure am glad that you stopped by this evening to let me tell you a little SplashT@B Story.  I promise I'll have them here for you all week if you'll just come on back.  Until then, just remember . . . 

"Peace, Love & Camping 
At The 2013 Blue Ridge Rally!"

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