Thursday, May 30, 2013

Add This To Your Camping Cookbook!

Mornin' everyone . . . SplashT@B here at the end of May and I'm looking at those wonderful camping months of June, July, and August in front of us with adventures just waiting to happen.  Woohoo . . . I feel like summer has really arrived and I'm itching to hit the road again with Momma Sharon.

From time to time, my Camper Mom has an epiphany (big word of the day) and this one happened the other night in the kitchen.  Uncle Rob (Pod's camper Dad)  makes some yummalicious roasted onions when we go camping and Momma Sharon stole that recipe from him last summer.  Well, the other night she had some fresh corn on the cob and that's when she hatched this brainy recipe.

Take one fresh ear of corn, place it on a sheet of tin foil, and smear on some butter . . . 

Grab the container of Old Bay Seasoning and sprinkle it liberally on top of the corn . . .

Wrap it in tin foil, put it on a baking sheet along with some of Rob's famous onions, preheat the oven to 450 degrees and then roast it all for 45 minutes . . .

Open the foil packets carefully because it will be hot, hot, hot . . .

Now doesn't this look great?!  And wouldn't it taste so good cooked outdoors?  If you want to add my Mom's roasted corn recipe to your camping cookbook, go right ahead!  Put it right there with Uncle Rob's roasted onions (which by the way, you cook the same way) and you'll have all your neighbors wishing they were eating supper with you!!

"Peace, Love & Campground Cooking"


  1. Love reading your blogs, Sharon! The former English teacher in me appreciates your skill and humor! I look forward to meeting you and Splash at the NC Rally in a couple of weeks!
    Meli Martin
    The Cheerful Trout Pod

    1. Hi Meli...thanks for the note and I look forward to meeting you and The Cheerful Trout Pod in a couple of weeks!! Happy trails...Sharon