Sunday, January 13, 2013

Pod And I Ride Again!

I certainly didn't expect to be sharing another one of my Stories with you so soon, but my cousin Pod over in Landis and I took it upon ourselves to schedule a camping trip.  Both of us wanted to hit the road this weekend, but the folks couldn't get their acts together to pull it off.

Pod suggested that we kick off our 2013 camping season together at Chester State Park between Charlotte and Columbia.  So we snitched a couple credit cards and booked sites side by side for the weekend of March 15-17.  How 'bout them apples!!

If you'd like to read Pod's version of this story, just click on his photo and scoot over to his blog.

I'm thinking this is going to be a really nice park.  With 523 acres that includes a 160-acre lake, we ought to see some really nice scenery.  The park was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps, so you know it's going to be a special place to camp!

Momma Sharon has never been there or to the area around Chester for that matter, so she's going to be really excited with I tell her the news that Pod and I are ready to ride!

Thanks for stopping by again.  I'll leave you with a couple photos of Chester State Park that I snitched off the internet and remember . . .

"Peace, Love & Camping With My Buddy Pod!"

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