Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hella-Cool Camping Ideas

Hey folks . . . happy mid-week to ya!  I sure hope you are having better weather where you are than we're having here.  I'm nice and dry in my T@Bport, but it's been raining for days and the forecast for tomorrow is a chance of snow . . . YIKES!

Hey, you know about Pinterest don't you?  It's that big online bulletin board where you pin pictures of stuff that really interests you.  I don't have a Pinterest account, but Momma Sharon does and she has a bunch of boards dedicated to camping stuff.  She really likes unusual camping ideas and she saves those ideas in "Hella-Cool Camping Ideas".  I just love that name!!  I also like to see what she might make to take along when we camp together.  Stuff like this little grill made from a tin can + tin foil + a small grate . . .

If you'd like to see what else is pinned there, just click on the photo. You might find a hella-cool idea to snitch!

Even though this is a quick short Story for you this evening, I still am tickled that you dropped by.  Take care and remember .  . .

"Peace, Love, Camping & Pinning!"

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