Saturday, January 12, 2013

Campfire Cooking

Greetings on this Saturday night in January that feels like a Saturday night in March or April!  I told Momma Sharon that it was warm enough to go camping this weekend, but she replied that it was going to be too rainy to pack and unpack on Friday, too foggy and humid today, and she didn't want to miss football playoffs tomorrow.  EXCUSES, EXCUSES!

So while she's watching the Packers vs. the 49-ers this evening, I snitched some computer time to tell you about the motherlode of camping recipes!  It's on the KOA website and has hundreds and hundreds of recipes perfect for your favorite campground.

Need a new breakfast dish to kickstart your day?  How about something healthy and nutritious for lunch?  I bet you'd like something to cook over your evening campfire wouldn't you?  Well, just click on the KOA logo and I'll zip you right over to their Campfire Cooking site.

Now is the perfect time to start adding to your camping recipe file. Trust me, you'll thank me come camping season.  In the meantime, just remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, & Campfire Cooking!"

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