Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Doctor's Appointment

Good morning campers!  I have a doctor's appointment next week. Momma Sharon called Bumgarner Camping Center this morning and spoke to the folks in the service department about doing a bit of preventive maintenance for me.  For years, we have been carrying around a spare set of wheel bearings, just in case I needed them.

After 10 years of rolling along the roads from Florida to Maryland, Tennessee to Mississippi, Virginia to Georgia, we thought it was time to change out my old bearings for some new ones.  My Camper Mom is diligent about putting her hand on my hubs to check the temperature every single time we stop. We are heading out in a couple of weeks on the Coastal Caravan III and we want to roll along worry-free.

While coming home from the MD DOG, my brakes started squealing for the very first time, so Mom decided new brake pads were in order too.  With credit card in hand a couple weeks ago, she went on a spending spree and ordered new brake pads and bearings.  It looked like Christmas around here because she got some other things for me too that I'll tell you about later.

My Dutchmen frame is made by Al-Ko and Pleasant Valley carries those parts for us old gals.  Momma Sharon got the bearings to carry around as our new spare set, because we don't want to be without.

Those folks up at Bumgarner Camping Center are just as nice as they can be and because they did such a terrific job with installing my new lime green battery/propane box and new battery back in April, we didn't hesitate to call them about installing my new bearings and brake pads next Thursday!

I'll be back soon with a report from the doctor and also another Story about my upcoming Spa Day. Until then, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, & New Parts"

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  1. SUNT@B is getting prepared to go to the Pleasant Valley Hospital to get a new floor the end of November. He's a little worried but Austin assured him that they will take very good care of him. :)