Saturday, October 22, 2016

Check, Check, Check

Check, check, check . . . lists and checkmarks . . . check, check, check! That's what it's like around here in the days leading up to a camping trip.  And not just any old camping trip.  The famous Coastal Caravan! This is my 3rd one and I look forward all year to hosting my friends for fun times at the beach.

We've had some hiccups along the way thanks to Hurricane Matthew, but Plan B is firmly in place and we are going to have a grand time. Momma Sharon has little piles of stuff in the kitchen and after Splish gets her spa treatment, the packing will begin.

My Camper Mom loves to find little coastal goodies for her Beach Peeps.  Oriental Trading Company is her go-to supplier.  She also likes to make commemorative buttons.  They don't have anyone's name on them, so they are strictly for fun.  I am excited about adding this one to our 10-year collection!

The famous commemorative camping buttons
Little flip flop bags
Beachy drinking cups for all our meets, greets, & eats
Goodie bags are packed & ready
The complete boxed set of CC Groovy Tunes

I think Momma Sharon does a pretty good job of planning our caravans and I can tell you that she has had a blast throwing this one together, hurricane and all.

After Splish gets her spa treatment this afternoon, it will be my turn. I gotta look all shiny and clean when I meet and greet my Trailer Peeps tomorrow at Oak Plantation in Charleston.

Momma Sharon will be sending out Postcards From The Road every day and I hope you will drop in to pick yours up.  I will be back with some post-CCIII Stories in a couple of weeks.  Until then, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, & The CCIII"

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