Thursday, October 13, 2016

A Great Doctor's Visit

Heyeeeee!  This morning bright and early, Momma Sharon came down and pulled me out of my cozy T@Bport for a trip to see Dr. Bumgarner at his Camping Center.  We had just a 30 minute drive up to Lenoir, so it was an easy trip.  My Mom was a little nervous about me getting brand new bearings and brakes, but I kept telling her it was going to be OK.  After 10 years of rolling along the highways and covering at least 50,000 miles, it was time!

As we were toddling up Hwy 321, we got stopped at a light and while sitting there, I looked to my left and saw a brand new Cirrus truck camper pull up beside me!  I have never, ever seen one in person, so that was very cool.  Momma Sharon was going to give the driver a thumbs up, but they were too far ahead of us.

As we pulled into the camping center, guess what was sitting outside the service bay?  Yeppers, that Cirrus.  Momma Sharon got me unhitched and Jerit Miller, the doctor I saw today, took me back into the service area.  He had actually never replaced sealed bearings, but he did a great job and was very gentle with me!

Meanwhile, my Camper Mom got up to stroll around a bit, and sitting out in the lobby was a fellow that she figured was the owner of the Cirrus.  She introduced herself, sat down, and they proceeded to talk for about an hour!  His name is Ed, he's from Fort Mill, SC (where my Aunt Miriam lives), is retired from the Navy, and just bought the truck camper last year.  How cool is that?  When they started talking about rallies and gatherings, he got all excited to hear about the big parties I throw.  And before it was all said and done, he and Mom had exchanged info and he's going to try and join us at Oak Plantation for the Coastal Caravan week after next!!

Wanna see what this super cool truck camper looks like?

The Cirrus is made at Pleasant Valley in the very same factory that makes all my brothers and sisters!  Before leaving, Ed gave Mom a tour of the outside and inside.  She told me that it's beautiful and she sure could tell it was made by the Amish.  

Rachel and Jerit and the whole gang at Bumgarner Camping Center did a thorough job on my bearings and brakes and I should be good for another 50,000 miles.  When we got back home, Mom touched my hubs like she always does and they were nice and cool.  My brakes didn't squeak one single time, so we are both happy campers!

I've got a spa day coming up next in preparation for the Coastal Caravan III.  Until it's time for that little Story, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, & Great Doctor's Visits"


  1. Momma Sharon needs a relaxing spa day too!

  2. Momma Sharon needs a relaxing spa day too!

  3. Boy that's the truth Miss Elaine! She's been kinda frazzled lately with a whole bunch of things going on. It's a rather long list, but Momma Wendy told her today that "all will be well." I think a couple weeks of camping will get her straightened out and all the other stuff is just temporary. Tell Tangerine I will see her soon!!