Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Bed Makeover, Part I

Whew, it's a steamy day here in the Foothills.  I'm hanging out under my T@Bport in the shade, but crazy Momma Sharon is working outside on the deck. She's had an idea for a bed modification for me rattlin' around in her head for some time now.  Once it was decided that Murphy the Camper Dog and Baby Gracie would be traveling with us to The Holler next week, it was time to put her idea into action!

Basically we have only two sleeping arrangements . . . with Aunt Becky and without Aunt Becky.  When Mom is solo camping, she makes the bed from side to side rather than pulling out the bed slats and using both twin mattresses.  It's much easier to leave the single bed out throughout the trip.  Here's what that looks like . . . 

Sleeping single when camping solo

It looks nice and neat and is definitely a low-maintenance way of keeping the bed ready for each night. The big hiccup here is that the Camper Mom likes to hang her feet off the end of the bed and that won't work when there's a wall over there where her feet go.  She ends up angling herself in bed at night and usually doesn't sleep very well.

The last time we camped by ourselves, we tried unrolling the twin mattress back to front, but it hung over the cushion by about a foot and flopped about at night.  Heavy sigh . . . there just had to be a solution!  That's when Momma Sharon had an epiphany.  If she built a support that would rest on the bed slat rail and extended outward from the side cushion, then the mattress would be supported!!  Here's our sketch and measurements . . .

A simple little drawing would lead us through the project

Off to Lowes she went last month for wood and hardware.  With a 12" x 6' pine board cut to her dimensions and hardware purchased, she was ready for a bed makeover.

3 pieces of wood, 3 packages of hinges, and a slip of sandpaper

All the edges were sanded smooth, out came her cordless drill and bits, and today was construction day.

Out comes our favorite cordless drill and container of drill bits

Our CDO table makes the perfect workbench

Brass hinges will hold the legs in place

All holes are pre-drilled

Coat the screws with soap and the wood won't split . . . Mom's magic trick

Despite the heat on the deck, this project took no time whatsoever and we both know it's going to be a brilliant bed modification!  The cool thing is, the hinges allow the side legs to fold up, and the extension can be stored away under the side storage area.  The mattress gets rolled back up and we are ready for the day.

Ready for camping next week

Folded for easy storage

We are considering putting a 3rd piece of wood under the middle as an extra bit of support.  We've got a piece leftover that we can use. There's also the possibility of an added L-brace on the end so it won't collapse.  We'll give that some extra thought between now and Sunday.

I'll be telling you Part 2 of this Story after we put this nifty modification to use next week.  Until then, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, & Bed Makeovers" 


  1. Please show pictures of it installed! I'm a visual learner!