Saturday, July 16, 2016

Dollar Tree Diva

Greetings Peeps near and far!

I bet you didn't know that my Momma Sharon is a Dollar Store Diva.  To be exact, she is a Dollar TREE Diva!  She goes into a happy dance when headed there to pick something up.  That happened this week when she and Aunt Becky went to two Dollar Trees in search of pool noodles.  Too bad the rest of the world needed noodles and there were none to be found.

But, she found something else that made her equally happy . . . a cute green tray (that matches me, tee hee) for eating off of or carrying food next door to someone's camper for supper or playing Yahtzee on or coloring on top of.  Multi-purpose for sure!

As a Camp Dutch Oven Chef, she has already earned her "Dollar Store Diva" cooking award.  Did you know that Dollar Trees have a grocery section?  Our store here even has a refrigerated section where you can buy ribeye steaks for a buck!!  How awesome is that?!

Here's what her Dollar Store Diva Award looks like and I'll also throw in the two recipes that earned her that award . . . 

We've got so many projects going that we are having the time of our lives today.  I hope your day is special as well.  Until it's time for another Tall Tale, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love & Dollar Tree Divas"

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  1. Love That! I bought the napkins that match. Did not see the tray. Guess where I am headed now! ;) great find Dollar Tree Diva!