Saturday, January 16, 2016

Soap Week

Hello Readers of my Stories on this sunny Saturday in the foothills. I'm sure you've heard of Shark Week on TV, but around my house this week, it's been Soap Week.

Momma Sharon has been on a soap-making tear off and on since late November.  Back then, she made 5 turns of soap:  Cinnamon Sugar, Cranberry Fig, Lavender Forest, Rosemary Mint, and Sandalwood Vanilla.  That soap has fully cured and is ready to use!

New Drying Rack Is Working Beautifully

In late December, she created 3 batches of soap:  Coconut Lime Verbena, Colonial Confetti, and Patchouli.  Those bars are curing and will be ready by mid-February.  For the Colonial Confetti Soap, she grated a bar of leftover peppermint French-milled soap from Williamsburg and incorporated it into the recipe.

Leftover Soap From Williamsburg About To Be Grated

Two Ounces Ready To Incorporate

This week she experimented with some colorants and tried five new recipes:  Bayberry Forest, Double-mint Castile, Green Tea & Cucumber, Peach Mango, and Peppermint Tree.  Those bars will be ready by the first of March.  She also got to try out her new soap cutter for the very first time.  It cut ten absolutely perfect 1-inch bars at the same time.  My Soap Mom also found a great new mixing bowl and spatula at Bed, Bath, & Beyond that make mixing and pouring easier too.

Beautiful Oak Soap Cutter From Bud's Workshop

Ten Perfect Green Tea & Cucumber Bars

Good Grips Bowl & Spatula 

Lately, Momma Sharon has been concocting her own recipes, blending together her favorite oils and fragrances.  She has a book where she writes down her recipes and her notes about each batch that she makes.  She got to finally use her half cylinder molds on the Cranberry Fig batch.

Recipe Book With Measurements & Notes

Trying Out A New Recipe With Red Palm Oil

Cranberry Fig . . . Miss Elaine's Favorite

Needless to say, her Studio smells heavenly!  We are both looking forward to our camping season starting back up in March and making sure our Camping Peeps are well supplied with soap from the 6th Street Soap Company!  Three batches are still in the molds and will need to insulate under that blanket for another 24 hours.  Then they will get cut and will cure for about 6 weeks.  Eventually they will all be stored in plastic containers for easy transport to our rallies.

Controlling The Temperature During Saponification

November's Soap Is Ready

That's all for today y'all.  Until I am back with another little Story, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, & Camping Soap"


  1. I can smell the fragrance all the way up in MD. Cure on oh sweet and gentle soap!

  2. I can smell the fragrance all the way up in MD. Cure on oh sweet and gentle soap!