Thursday, January 7, 2016

Happy Birthday Momma Sharon

It's me, it's me, Splash T back for another Short Story!  We are on the downside of the week and I snitched the computer once again . . . tee hee.

Momma Sharon celebrated another birthday last week and one of her presents was something she has wanted for us, yes I said "us", since last summer.  While camping with R & T & Pod off and on last year, she really fell in love with the rainfly for their PahaQue Cottonwood. Check it out here . . . 

So when Miss Wendy asked what she wanted for her birthday, my Camper Mom immediately said, "a PahaQue rainfly!"  It slides neatly and quickly over the top of the Cottonwood, sits on the frame allowing it to breathe, fastens to the four poles with ease, and gives added protection on wet camping days.  

Even though our first trip of the 2016 season won't be until March, the rainfly has already arrived! When Aunt Becky asked Momma Sharon what she wanted for her birthday, she immediately said, "two Pahaque sidewalls!"  But we have run into a snag with that order because everyone is out of stock.  Jason at PahaQue said it will be another month until they are back in production.  No worries, I'm sure we'll get them before our trip to Cheraw State Park.

Here's a photo of our Cottonwood from the recent Coastal Caravan. Just use your imagination and add the rainfly on top and two roll-up sidewalls.

Happy birthday to my Momma Sharon (and I benefit too) . . . LOL. Thanks for dropping by for some more Story Time and until I pull out another Tale, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, & PahaQue"


  1. Those are great birthday presents!!! Love that picture too!!

    1. Thanks Pod! Your Papa Rob has some cool ideas, toys, mods, etc. and they sure give my Camper Mom ideas of her own…LOL. Sleep tight this winter and I'll see you in March!! ~ Splash