Monday, January 4, 2016

Countdown To The Blue Ridge Rally

Afternoon everyone!  Momma Sharon has been cruising around online today.  When one of our Blue Ridge Peeps mentioned on Facebook that she was counting down the days until our big party in May, Momma S got to thinking.  Hmmmm…what did I think about having a countdown clock that would tell us exactly how many days, hours, and minutes until we would gather in the mountains for the 9th Annual BRR.

I told her I thought it was a groovy idea and to find one for us.  The one she liked the best, because it matches me, comes with a little watermark in the upper corner, but I told her I didn't mind if she didn't mind.  So look over to your left and you will see it sitting there all prim and proper.

If you are in a daydreaming kind of mood and wishing the Blue Ridge Rally would hurry up and get here, then you can take a peek at the clock and see exactly how many more days you'll have to wait.

Thanks for stopping by today and until I have another little Story for you, always remember . . . 

Peace, Love, and 131 Days Till The Party!


  1. I am smiling so much that my face is hurting!

  2. I am smiling so much that my face is hurting!