Sunday, January 18, 2015

Three Sunday Stories

Evenin' everyone.  Good thing I took over blogging duties today, because Momma Sharon had to take Murphy the Camping Dog to the emergency vet.  She was up most of the night tending to a sick little girl and then decided to play it safe and take her to the doctor.  All is well and they are both looking forward to a good night's sleep this evening.

Yesterday I shared three Short Stories with you and today I have three more.  Well, they are more like rambling thoughts, but you get the idea.

Story Number 1

When Momma Sharon made the decision to get a vintage camper, it took her awhile before she settled in on The Coffee Cup's name and java theme.  Also in the running was The Kokopelli Cafe with a Native American theme.  The color schemes weren't all that different, but the graphics would have been. Yesterday on Facebook, I found an awesome looking R-pod and realized immediately that that's what The Cup would have looked like if Momma Sharon had gone the Southwestern route.

Story Number 2

We have a number of camping blogs that we follow, but one of our favorites is one that written by my camping buddy Fireball's folks. They are the Crankshaws from Michigan, but they call the blog "campshaws on the road..."  Pretty cool don't ya think? They are out on the highways right now on another one of their grand adventures. Momma Sharon saw the perfect bumper stick for Fireball and shared it with them yesterday.  If you'd like to check out their blog, just click HERE.

Story Number 3

I love the art of camping.  You know, things like signs, paintings, bunting, bumper stickers, flags.  Every once in a while I will snitch a photo of one I particularly like and toss it into a special folder.  Here's what I mean . . . 

The weekend is coming to an end and I hope you've enjoyed the ride. Thanks for dropping by to listen to another trio of Stories.  I will talk to you soon and until then, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love & Camping"

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