Saturday, June 21, 2014

Time For A Little Story

Happy first day of Summer everyone!  It's been so hot around here lately that I truly believe it started several weeks ago, not today.

I have an itty bitty Story to share with you that involves time . . . T@B time. My Camper Mom likes to make T@B clocks and every once in a while she will sell them at rallies.  She also takes special orders from her camping buddies for specific colors or themes.

At our Blue Ridge Rally back in May, Karyl and Jim from Kannapolis had a request for her . . . create a T@B clock that featured the aqua and browns of their little T@B.  You might remember that Momma Sharon took baby pictures of their trailer at the factory during last year's Rolling Home Rally.  So she has a special place in her heart for that aqua beauty and agreed to create a one-of-a-kind clock.

Today she and Aunt Becky drove to Camping World to meet Karyl and Jim and present them with this cute clock . . . 

Let me point out a few details that make it a bit special.  See the hat around 8:00?  Jim wears one like that when he's camping.  Did you notice the J for Jim and K for Karyl?  Underneath the little hand is hiding a stick with a marshmallow on it and there are camping sayings scattered here and there.  What I love most is that the entire background is all about doggies and are dedicated to the four camping Doxies!

Here's a snapshot of Jim and Karyl seeing their T@B clock for the first time . . . 

Okie, dokie I need to scoot.  Have a great weekend and if you'd like your own personal camping clock, I bet Momma Sharon could help you out! Until the next Storytime always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love & Camping!"

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  1. I love my special clock that Momma Sharon made for me. Originally she was making it for our red T@B but in between times I bought a turquoise T@DA. Cool thing was the material I had picked out for the T@B quilt had turquoise and red in it and I had sent Momma Sharon pictures of the material so she'd know what colors to put in the clock. I always smile when I check the time while camping. Timing is everything! hahaha