Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Vintage Felt Pennants

Hey-eeee campers and friends!  It's SplashT@B snitching a little computer time to share another Story with you.  I hope all has been well with you since we chatted a couple weeks ago.

My Camper Mom and Aunt Becky took a road trip to West Virginia last week, but they didn't take me! That's actually OK because I heard that they did oodles and oodles of u-turns and I'm not so hot on u-ies. While they were there, they did some junkin' and I know how happy that made Momma Sharon.

Way back in the summer of 2011, Mom found a small vintage felt pennant that said St. Augustine.  It only cost a couple bucks and since we were all going there for a big Halloween rally that fall, she bought it for me and put it on my wall over the stove.  

On our post-Blue Ridge Rally Caravan in May of 2010 we stayed four nights in Gettysburg, PA.  When she spotted another little pennant from there, she snatched that one up too and put it on my wall.

Every time she and Aunt Becky are out junkin' they are always on the lookout for more felt pennants from places we have camped together. While on our Natchez Trace Caravan last fall, she found another one! You know where this is going . . . ha, ha.

Now here's what you don't know.  Last spring, Aunt Becky saw a Great Smoky Mts. vintage pennant in an antique store in Black Mountain and told Mom about it.  Well, for a variety of reasons it took her a couple months to drop in the store to get it.  Guess what?  It had been sold . . . boo hoo.  I was really wanting that one in particular.  Well, on their trip to West Virginia last week, Aunt Becky was standing in the aisle holding something in front of her and guess what it was?  Oh yeh, it was that National Park pennant we've all been looking for for months. How cool is that?

This morning Momma Sharon came down to the T@Bport and we got to hang out a while so she could put my new (old) pennants on the walls.  I love them and hope she finds lots more in her junkin' and travels.  Since we're all going to Ohio in August, who knows what we'll find!!

I'm planning on sharing another Pennant Story with you tomorrow that involves a distant cousin of mine who lives up in Cape Cod.  I'd love for you to come back then, sit down with me for a bit, and let me tell you that Story.  Until then always remember . . . 

"Peace & Pennants, Love & Camping!"

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