Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Summer Place

Hey hey . . . well, you did make it back today for another one of my Stories . . . thanks mucho!! Yesterday I told you all about the vintage felt pennants that Momma Sharon has been finding for me.  

I have a distant cousin who lives up on the elbow of Cape Cod and she's a bigger version of me called a T@DA.  I met her for the first time this past April when we were all hanging out together at James Island down in South Carolina.  Her name is "A Summer Place" and what a beauty she is!  Her Momma Sandi is a junkin' queen and loves that shabby chic look.  

One of her all-time favorite movies is "A Summer Place" with Troy Donahue and Sandra Dee.  In fact, I think Sandi was named for Sandra Dee!!  Anyway, when it came time to choose a decorating theme for my cuz, her Camper Mom went with nautical reds, whites, and blues.  You probably figured that out by looking at the sign that she made at my Blue Ridge Rally.

Inside of A Summer Place is lots of cool fishing stuff because Papa John is one of those guys who loves to fish.  But what I wanted to tell you about today are all the cool pennants on display inside that big ole T@DA.  They aren't scrawny little ones like I have . . . they are the great big, full-sized ones from long ago!  Just like mine, they represent all the fun places she has been.  Take a look . . . 

Some of my cousins far and near don't like to have things stuck all over their walls and filling up their spaces, but I'm so happy that our Moms do because it makes us feel all groovy inside!

OK, that wraps up today's tale.  I'm serious when I tell you I'm tickled that you stopped by for Story Time!  Have a great hump day and always remember . . . 

"Peace & Pennants, Love & Camping"

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  1. Found it! Wait little Splash T@b until your cousin shows you the new pennants she's bee finding in Acadia! Whoo hooo!

    Love from A Summer Place!