Monday, July 15, 2013

Rolling Home Lamp Post Project

Hey Campers . . . Splash here to tell you a story about my Rolling Home Lamp Post Project!

My Uncle Rob made an uber-cool lamp post out of PVC pipe for Pod's upcoming F.R.O.G. Rally in August.  He's going to join dozens of other Forest River campers and almost two dozen R-Pods for a big, big gathering.  So, it shouldn't surprise you in the least that Momma Sharon snitched his idea after seeing Pod and Tinker-Pod's lamp posts! If you'd like to read about his creation, look over to the left side and you'll see the link for Pod's blog.

In August, I'll be going to Ohio for my HUGE rally where I'll be hanging out with my T@B and T@DA brothers and sisters.  It's called Rolling Home and we'll be joined by a whole slew of Little Guy teardrops!  I told Momma Sharon that I wanted something really special for the rally and that's how my lamp post idea was hatched.

On Saturday, she and Aunt Becky drove to Landis so that Pod's dad could help her make one.  A quick trip to Lowes was in order to pick up the PVC pipe pieces, couplings, flange, power cord, duct tape, and lamp.

While Aunts Becky and Trisha were inside chatting, the lamp post-creators got to work!  Pipe pieces were cut to length, holes were drilled, and everything was dry-fitted.

They threaded the power cord and used a pop rivet to hold it in place.

Next, Uncle Rob added a plug for the lamp and attached another piece of PVC to hold the lamp on top of the pole.  Then it was time to test the light and VOILA! it worked!!

Momma Sharon knew that she wasn't going to spray the post black like Pod's, because black doesn't match me for goodness sakes.  Plus, she decided she wanted it to have two arms to hold all my signs and flags while we are out camping.  She made sure the power cord is extra long too.

Mom wanted to wait until after she decorated it to show you, but I told her that Tink would shoot her if she did that, so here's what it looks like all put together!!

What do you think?  I'm really diggin' it and cannot wait for you to see it all decorated.  I'll keep that a secret until tomorrow.  So if you want to see what groovy design Momma Sharon chose, come on back tomorrow for that Story.  Have a great Monday everyone and always remember . . .

"Peace, Love & Camping!"


  1. Thank you, Sharon! I love the idea of the double flag poles. Wish I had thought of that. Can't wait til tomorrow!

  2. That lamp post is looking good!! Can't wait to see how you decorate it! I know it will be grand! -- Rob