Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lamp Post Finishing Touches

This afternoon, my Camper Mom paid me a quick visit.  She was on a speedy mission to get a couple signs and one flag out of my storage bins.  Those items were needed for a final photo shoot of my new camping lamp post.

Momma Sharon decorated the lamp post with the same duct tape that's on my luggable loo.  It's got paint splashes all over it and I think it's pretty cool because I look like I have paint splashes all over me! You remember that's why she named me Splash . . . tee hee.  She told me that "the jury is still out" on her design and I'm not exactly sure what that means.  ???

Maybe I should ask you guys what you think of it!  I know that all those circles and stripes will peel right off and the whole post can go back to white with very little time or effort involved.  I also know that Momma Sharon is still arranging the signs and flags and can go with a bunch of different combinations to get it exactly how we like it.  Plus, I told her she needs to get a few S-hooks to try.

Well, take a look at the finishing touches and see what you think . . . 

It's pretty hot around these parts today, so I hope you are staying cool wherever you are.  I'm really happy that you came back today to see my finished lamp post and always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love & Camping!"


  1. I have been checking your blog all day to see the outcome. It really looks awesome. Love the stripes and paint splash combo of colors! --Rob

  2. How cool is that!!!! I love it. Who woulda ever thought about the tape!

  3. OK, thanks for the feedback! I need to make a couple adjustments with signs and I'm good to go. Oh, and get a lightbulb too...LOL!