Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wednesday In The Blue Ridge

Greetings from my home under the T@B-port on this rainy North Carolina morning!  I'm sitting here all cozy out of the weather, thinking about my SplashT@B Story for today.

One week ago, we woke up to a very foggy Blue Ridge morning.  Since my Momma Sharon left me hooked up to the car while at New River State Park, it was easy to get rolling again.  My buddy Pod got to take the lead today and that was fun just lazily following her down the road.

Cousin Rob likes to take pictures just like my Camper Mom does, so every time we stop, you can see the two of them with cameras in their hands looking every which way to find the perfect photo. 

They take pictures of big pine trees at overlooks..... in a field.....

.....lichens on tree trunks.....

.....long-range vistas.....

...and Me and Pod!

After another swell picnic lunch at Groundhog Mountain, we made our last stop at Mabry Mill.  I would guess that this is one of the most photographed places along the whole Parkway.  It doesn't matter what season you visit, it's a really fun stop.  There are buildings and exhibits that tell you about what it was like to live in the mountains and the kind of things that Appalachian folks did to survive.

It's also a great place for family photos, like this one that Momma Sharon took of our camping family!  I'm not sure how she took that picture though.  It's a mystery to me how she can snap a picture and be in it all at the same time!?!?

I had a pretty scary ride down off the Parkway on Highway 8 to our next campground.  The road was really, really steep and curvy.  Thank goodness we took it slow and easy.  But when a fighter jet zoomed past us, Momma Sharon thought I had blown a tire and Cousin Rob thought that Pod had run over something.  It's kinda funny now, but it scared both of them pretty badly.

Our destination for the evening was Fairy Stone State Park in Virginia.  Momma picked out a nice, level pull-thru site and Pod got to be right beside me once again.  We settled in for the evening and I can report that "life was good" in site 43!

I sure am having fun this week telling you SplashT@B Stories of my outing last week along the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Thanks so much for pulling up a chair to listen.  I'll be back here tomorrow if you want to stop by again!

"Peace, Love & Camping"

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  1. Hey there SplashT@B. Glad you are getting to make some more posts. Enjoyed camping with you last week. Truck has gone to the Ford place today for it's check-up. Take care.