Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fairy Stone State Park

Wow, I can't believe that it's been a whole week since I woke up to the smell of bacon at Fairy Stone State Park.  I just knew it was Cousin Rob cooking breakfast for everyone, but it wasn't.  He was sitting outside reading when Momma Sharon headed to the showers.

I'm convinced that the smell of bacon in a campground early in the morning is one of the premiere smells in the whole world!  Since we were spending two nights at Fairy Stone, I got to have a leisurely morning and enjoy another wonderful smell.....Mom's coffee!  Cousin Rob cranked up his trusty Coleman and Camp Breakfast was served!!

I've tried really hard this week to let you look at some new photos that Momma Sharon didn't show you over on her Postcards blog.  She takes tons of them, so it isn't hard to pick out some fresh ones...LOL!

You might be interested to know that the Virginia State Parks have been recognized as the best state park system in the US of A.  Fairy Stone helped contribute to that for sure.  It's got a nice gift shop, miles and miles of trails, a big beach, an amphitheater, pavilions for meetings, and friendly staffers.

I've mentioned Jackson, the camping pup, but I wanted to tell you that he likes to sit in the chair and protect us from squirrels.  My two camping dogs, Murphy and Baby Gracie, usually have to stay home because their campground manners aren't so hot.....they bark too much.  Jackson mainly barks at birds and squirrels and the rest of the time he's just chilling in his chair.

Speaking of chilling, that's exactly what I did all day Thursday.  The big kids went off looking for some rocks.....doesn't sound too exciting for me, but they had fun.  When a big storm blew in, Momma Sharon came rushing back to check on me and make sure I was OK.  Not to worry.....I was sitting high and dry.

Cousin Rob and my Mom love to do things for me and my buddy Pod called "mods".  They cook up ideas of ways to make us more comfortable or fashionable or unique.  I just gotta show you a tissue holder that Rob made for Pod.  He found it while out junkin' with Momma several weeks ago and re-cycled it.  I think I want one too!  Ahem, ahem.....

It sure does make me happy to know that you're dropping by for some of my SplashT@B Stories.....blush, blush.  I've got one more to tell you tomorrow, so drop in any time.....I'll be waiting on you!

"Peace, Love & Camping"

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