Thursday, November 10, 2016

All Over The Place

Are you wondering what the title of this CCIII chapter is all about? Does it mean visiting sights all over Johns and Tybee Island?  Does it mean that our Beach Peeps traveled from all over the place (9 different states)?  Does it mean that I have a variety of things to tell you about?  Well, if you chose the latter, you chose correctly!

Chapter 5 is going to skip around all over the place with snapshots that Momma Sharon took.  Here we go . . . 

Foggy OP morning

Look at all my pillows!

Dave & Sheila gave Mom a beachy spoon rest

Here's what a 1.1 million dollar RV looks like

Lemon chess pie & sweet tea lunch . . . tee hee

Even the ice maker got in on the sticker action

I got to dog sit Kobe while Momma Crystal was on the beach

Hand towel seen at the Charleston Tea Plantation

Our CDO Chefs cooked off and on for two weeks

Sister Mary plucks a tune on her ukulele 

Tom, our newest Chef, captured in a smoky haze of charcoal

Bill, our oldest Chef, showing his CDO cookbook

Private dock with some visitors on Tybee

October on the Georgia coast

Bikylists (I made up that word!!) on North Beach

One of Jane Coslick's rescued Tybee cottages

"Girl's Shoes" . . . Tybee public art

Taking flight over the Tybee salt marsh

You know this caught Momma Sharon's eye right away

Mom brought a big variety of our homemade soaps to sell

Thanks so much for dropping in from all over the place to see some of my Camper Mom's snapshots from all over the place.  Join me for Chapter 6 tomorrow evening for a more focused Story.  Until then, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, & Snaps From All Over The Place"

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