Monday, August 3, 2015

We Love Sara!!

Today there was a little package in the mailbox that I knew was mine! Momma Sharon and I have a long-distance T@Bbing-artist-friend named Sara Mordecai.  She lives all the way out in California, but we actually got to meet her in person during the Tearstock Gathering up in Ohio a couple summers ago. She walked over to our site on Friday morning and gave us the cutest little painting of ME!!

Since then, she and Mom have kept in touch via Facebook.  Last year, we both wanted a very special logo for our Blue Ridge Rally and there was only one person we considered for the job . . . Sara!  She was tickled to death when we asked her to design our official logo and when we received it, we were blown away.  Of course I love it because it looks kinda like me sitting here in the mountains.  And you know what?  Sara gifted us with the logo and we used it on t-shirts, decals, for our Facebook cover photo, and everything that represented the BRR.

Guess what?  Sara is busy creating a new logo for the 2016 Blue Ridge Rally with all new colors and a whole new design.  We are trying to stay calm and wait patiently, but it's hard!

Now back to that package that arrived today.  Sara is a designer for a fabric company right here in NC called Spoonflower.  They have design competitions and invite artists to submit entries.  Sara has designed a whole line of fabrics featuring T@Bs!  A couple weeks ago, Mom ordered a yard of fabric to make a couple special pillows for me.  When I saw the fabric, I immediately thought that Sara must have had me in mind during its creation.  See if you think there's a resemblance.

Now you know why we love Sara.  She's the Momma to a T@B like me, she's an incredibly gifted artist that has lots of fun with her talents, and she's our FRIEND!!  We wish there was a way she could come to the Blue Ridge to join in all the fun!  If you'd like to see all the cool T@B fabrics on Spoonflower, then click on their logo and I'll beam you over there.

Just as soon as we get our new 2016 BRR logo, I'll tell you the Story behind it.  Until then, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, and Artistic Friends"


  1. That is amazingly cool... love Sara's art! and, the company in NC!

  2. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story. I love reading about women like Sarah. Keep up the good work.