Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Splash Effect

Hey everyone . . . I'm back for a little Story, photo-style.  I had an outstanding time camping at Raccoon Holler with Pod and his People and of course, Momma Sharon.  One of the cool things I did was to pose for the camera one evening while my Camper Mom tried out some of the settings on her new camera.  There's a little button on the dial called "Effects" and here's what I look like with a few of them applied . . . .

This one is "HDR Painting" and I think it's far out!
Here's a soft "Color Sketch" effect that is nice too
This one stole all the color out and is called "Night Vision"
I'm not sure exactly what this does, but it's called "Low Key"
In "Toy Effect", I have a dreamy kinda look 
This last one is the original, with no fancy effects, just me
Since Momma Sharon is still a bit under the weather (she picked up a bug in The Holler), I might just snitch the computer for a few days and send you some Stories.  It's been a long time since we got together, just you and me, and I need to catch you up on some stuff.

Until tomorrow, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, & Groovy Camping Photos"


  1. Hey Splash. We sure enjoyed camping with you week before last in the mountains. I love the picture effects. The "night vision" picture looks like your camper central for the zombies! HAHA. Have a great week in your part of North Cackalacky. R,T,J and Pod

  2. Thanks guys! I had a great time too! Have a good trip to the mountains next week...Splash