Friday, September 6, 2013

I've Got Something Stuck On My Butt

"Friday, thank God it's Friday, Friday".  Oh, sorry, you kinda sneaked up on me as I was singing one of Momma Sharon's old disco songs . . . tee hee.  Well it is Friday and I hope you have big plans for the weekend!  I have just a teenie-weenie little bedtime Story for you this evening.

A few days before we started rolling north to Ohio, Mom paid me a visit in the T@Bport with some sort of paper in her hand.  Since Aunt Becky had just given me a bath, I was all spiffy and clean.  Because of that, I got a new decal on my rear end.  Several of my camping buddies have decals too and I was really hoping to get my own before we left for the big rally.

Take a look . . . 

I think it's pretty darn cute and everyone that follows me down the highway will know exactly who I am and where I live.  If you're wondering about that big number back there, that's my VIN number and it's how Momma Sharon identifies me.  It means I was the 2,487th T@B to roll off the assembly line in Indiana way back in 2007.

My good buddy, Happy Camper, got to see my new decal first!  I don't think she'll be getting one because her license plate has her name.  Who knows, maybe she'll talk her Momma Sue and Daddy Rich into getting her one before the season is over.

Here's a good picture of the two of us chatting while we were waiting on Morgan and Jet to arrive in Fancy Gap, VA to continue our little Rolling Home Tour Caravan.

OK all you campers, I hope you have a great weekend and always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love & Camping!"

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