Saturday, September 7, 2013

Another Special Visitor

It's a college football extravaganza around here!  My Camper Mom watched it most of the afternoon until Aunt Becky and Uncle Roger picked her up to go to LRU's season opener tonight.  That frees up all the computers in the house for ME!!

We had some special visitors at our pad during the Rolling Home Rally. I already told you about Sara from California, but we had another guest from The Golden State!  Our buddy, Jeff Basford, President of Paha Que stopped by to meet Mom.  He walked up and said, "Are you Sharon? Sharon B. Sigmon?"  Well, you should have seen the look on her face when he said he was Jeff from Paha Que!

She hopped up and they hugged each other and laughed.  You see, Momma Sharon and Jeff have this east coast, west coast relationship. She's talked to him on the phone and chatted through emails . . . all because she owns four, count 'em, FOUR of his Paha Que products made just for me!!

We've got the brand new T@B Side Tent that I modeled at the Blue Ridge Rally and here at Rolling Home.  We've got that stinkin' cute little Visor, the big ole original Screen Room, and the funky Cottonwood.  I really love my Side Tent though.  Wanna see it?  Here you go . . . 

Every month, Jeff sends us the Paha Que Newsletter and the September issue has a great write-up of the Rolling Home Tour written by Jeff and he even put my photo in the Newsletter!  If you'd like to read what he said, you can go HERE.

Mom's gotta send the Side Tent back to Jeff this fall because he's going to add some extra seam sealing and a couple grommets to the tent door extension.  It's nice when you know the Boss . . . tee hee.

I really appreciate you taking time to pull up a chair for another Story this evening . . . THANKS!  Have a great weekend everyone and always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love & Camping!"

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