Sunday, August 18, 2013

Yippee . . . I'm In Ohio

Hey everyone!  I'm in Ohio at the Rolling Home Rally just outside of New Philadelphia.  It took me two days to get here because Momma Sharon decided we should break up the long drive with an overnight stop last evening in West Virginia.  

When she told me that we are camping at Rippling Waters Church of God Campground I just laughed.  I knew for a fact that a campground like that wouldn't allow things like smoking and drinking and cussing! I also knew that there was no way to keep the guys I was camping with from doing that stuff . . . and I was right!!  It's a wonder that Highway Bob, Geo, and Rich didn't get us kicked out!!  The only thing that Momma Sharon was drinking was my official water.

Liz gave my Mom a special present . . . a black bandana with peace signs all over it . . . cool, huh?!

Tonight I'm tucked in at Atwood Lake Park with a bunch of other T@Bs. I've got some issues though.  I don't have any running water at my site, there are no showers for my Mom and her friends, and the bathroom consists of three pit toilets.  I'm just glad that she and all her camping buddies are laughing about it.

I'm having a bit of a hiccup with my 12 volt lights.  They are flickering and when that happens, my converter makes a funny noise.  It's really worrying my Camper Mom, but we're going to do some trouble-shooting tomorrow.  I wish my Uncle Rob was here because he would know what to do, but we're surrounded by some smart T@Bbers here that I'm sure can help.  Plus, we'll be talking to the Little Guy techs and maybe get a solution from them.

OK, I'm pretty pooped and it's time for lights out.  Momma Sharon will be sending out Postcards each evening and she'd love it if you pick yours up nightly.  Thanks for dropping by for a Story tonight and always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love & Camping"

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