Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My T@B Guru At Work

Two Stories in two days . . . I love it!!  There was a bit of chatter on Facebook last evening among some T@Bbers concerning my new modifications.  You see, my Camper Mom posted a link to my Stories and let everyone know I have a new bike rack.

What she didn't do was tell them about my new MaxxAir vent cover! That's right, I have a spiffy, white cover over my Northern Breeze fan so I can leave the lid open when it rains.  This is another one of those things that Momma Sharon has wanted and talked about for a long time.  She can be so impulsive sometimes buying things for me and at other times, she's on Sharon Time!  Go figure.

One weekend last May, she and Aunt Becky made a trip to Camping World and she finally bought one of those coolio covers for me.  I think in the back of her mind she worried about it blowing completely off while we're out on the road.  But she took the plunge and got it for me anyway.  I told her to just chill and not worry so much!

My buddy Highway Bob, my personal T@B Guru, did the installation.  For a long time, I thought he was going to have to drill holes in my ceiling and I was scared to death.  However, when I found out that the MaxxAir actually attaches to the sides of the fan and hardly touches my roof at all, then I said "let's do this!"  Aunt Becky pulled out her step ladder, found a quilt to go on my roof, and the installation began.

It didn't take Dr. Bob very long at all and before I knew it, my new vent cover was sitting pretty right on top of me!  Because it's white, it blends in nicely I think.  Thanks a bazillion Bob!!

You might be wondering why Momma Sharon is going a little crazy lately making things for me and adding modifications.  I have an idea about that . . . I think it's because we are traveling to Ohio a week from Saturday to join almost 150 T@Bs and Little Guys for a HUGE rally called Rolling Home. I'm guessing she wants to show me off in all my splashy lime green and blue glory!

I really appreciate you scooting over here today for another Story and I have a news flash for you . . . I'll have another Tale for you tomorrow concerning me and Toolbelt Sue.  Until then, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love & Camping!"


  1. Hey there cousin T@B,
    Your going to really enjoy having that MaxxAir Vent Cover over your Northern Breeze fan. We are all having so much fun up here at the FROG rally. I just know your going to have a blast at your Rolling Home rally.
    Take care, Pod!

  2. What fun in Newton! Thanks for the great lunch and tour of your beautiful little western NC city! We could live there!
    I'll tweak the MaxxFan cover a little bit on our trip to Ohio.
    Highway Bob (and Nagivator Susan)