Sunday, June 9, 2013

That'll Teach Her . . .

Momma Sharon was shopping at Walmart with Wendy week before last and spied a cool looking indoor-outdoor rug.  It was sitting way up high where she couldn't get a close look at it, so she grabbed one of the Wally World workers with a forklift and had him get it down for her. Why exactly did she go to all this trouble when I already have two perfectly good all-weather plastic mats?  Because it was lime green and blue . . . duh!!

The price was good, the colors were perfect, and it was light-weight on top of being waterproof.  Can you say "DONE DEAL"?!

Even though she didn't take a whole lot of camping gear with us this past weekend to Townsend, she did take this new rug to put under my Visor.  She was all puffed up and proud of it Wednesday afternoon and I think you'll understand why when you see this next photo . . . 

Now let me skip ahead a couple hours and show you what we experienced in the campground around four o'clock that continued all through the night . . . 

Thursday morning when Momma Sharon stepped outside, water from that new rug sloshed up over her Crocs.  Hmmmm . . . I guess she didn't pay much attention to the fact that the bottom of the rug was rubber and those pretty lime green and blue flowers would hold rain water like a sponge!!  That'll teach her!

If she had a squeegee like the ones used on tennis courts to get rid of standing water, then all would have been well.  We both knew that the forecast for the entire weekend involved a chance of rain and it would have been disastrous carrying home a sopping wet rug.  So my Camper Mom came up with a plan . . . take that cool new rug and drape it over the railing at the office and let it drip dry for three days.

By yesterday afternoon, it was almost completely dry so she could roll it back up for the trip home.  I told her that I loved my new rug and it will work well inside my screen room or side tent and look terrific.  But the next time she finds something lime green and blue, I hope she thinks things through.  That'll teach her . . . LOL!!!

"Peace, Love & Camping!"

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