Friday, February 15, 2013

The Secret Is Out

Hey campers!  I hope you've had a good week and an especially sweet Valentine's Day on Thursday.

Do you remember a Story I told you back on January 8th called "Momma Sharon Is Up To Something"?  You can go back and read it if you click HERE.

I finally found out what that was all about and today's Story will let you in on her big secret . . . which isn't a secret any more!  I knew it probably had something to do with the upcoming Blue Ridge Rally and I was right.  I kinda smart like that, tee hee.

At last year's rally, because it was the big 5th Anniversary, my camper mom made camping signs for every single one of the T@Bs, T@DAs, and R-pods that attended.  They were super cute and everyone really liked them.  This year she has something a little different in mind.  Momma Sharon, using that new Dremel Moto-Saw, is making cut-outs in the shape of everyone's trailer.  She's going to prime them, drill holes in them for hanging wire, and will let the Blue Ridgers decorate them to their heart's content.

I think that's going to be so much fun and pretty groovy too!  Momma Sharon will have paint and stencils and beads and wire so everyone can personalize theirs.  In addition to T@Bs and T@DA signs, she's cutting out a Hilander for the Bookmobile, a Bambi for the Silvermine, and 2 R-pods for the Tinker-Pod and my cousin, R&T's Pod.

She's already got 15 orders and is hoping that more folks will sign up for their very own!  All the camper moms and dads are going to gather in The Pavilion at 10:00 on Thursday morning for some artsy-fartsy time together.  I can't wait to see mine, because I know it's going to have a big peace sign hanging on it.  How far out is that?!?!

Here's what her Dremel Moto-Saw actually looks like.  She's got a worktable set up on the deck and it's the perfect place for all that cutting and sanding that she's doing.

This is what the design looks like for all my T@B brothers and sisters.

Here's Momma Sharon working on making the cuts in the plywood.

And look how super cool the cut-out actually is!  

Hey, thanks for coming by today to see if I've got another SplashT@B Story to tell.  I'll probably have more stories to share with you as we get closer and closer to the big rally.  Guess how many days I have to wait?  Just 67 more days . . . WOOHOO . . . it soon will be rally-time again!!

Have a great weekend and remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, Camping & Cool Signs!"

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  1. Hey Splash,
    While we won't be there for the actual craft time, we are looking forward to having our very own pod shaped sign. Thanks to your mama Sharon for doing this!! See ya soon, Pod