Friday, October 5, 2012

Stories' New Look

Hi everyone . . . thanks for stopping by on this gorgeous fall Friday.

In case you haven't noticed, Stories has a new look!  Momma Sharon loved the autumn look of R & T's Podding Blog so much, that she promised to give mine an autumn make-over too!  Despite being all techno on the outside, my interior has comfy, earthy colors, so I really like this new color scheme.

Tomorrow, my Camper Mom is taking me to the beauty parlor.  Well, actually, she's bringing it to me down here in my T@Bport.  Why all the attention?  I'm heading out for Nashville, TN on Monday to join my T@B brothers and sisters for a grand trip down the Natchez Trace Parkway!  

"Rosie" from DE, "T@B-r-ific" & "RT" from NC, "T@Bernacle" from Atlanta, "Tiny Home" from FL, and another FL T@B (whose name I don't know) are all joining together for a whole lot of caravanning fun!!  Momma Sharon and all the other moms and dads have been planning this trip for about two years and it's finally happening.

I probably won't be sharing a big bunch of Stories with you along the way, but you can check by any time you like to see if I get a little computer time.  You can pick up Momma's Postcards every single night starting on Monday too.

Happy fall y'all!!

"Peace, Love, Camping & Caravanning!"

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  1. Hey Splash, love your new fall look. Have a lot of fun on your trip! Wish we were going!