Monday, October 22, 2012

Travel Routines

We had a great routine for our Natchez Trace Caravan.  Our folks would pull us into a campground and set up camp for two nights.  While we were chillin' and hanging out together, they would go off exploring on the non-travel day.  It was super fun for me and my T@B buddies!

Momma Sharon and Aunt Becky have a morning routine where I'm concerned and they have a certain way of doing things when breaking camp and setting up camp.  I like that because there are no great surprises.  My Camper Mom is pretty particular about this stuff.  Sometimes Aunt Becky rolls her eyes, but it suits me just fine!

Here are some photos from our travel day on Thursday, October 13th...  

I followed my buddies T@B-rific and Tiny Home as we headed towards Tupelo, MS.
I took a break while Momma Sharon walked up a short trail to see part of the Old Trace.
She told me there were 13 graves of unknown Confederate soldiers along the Trace.
I was in a "buddy site" with Rosie at Trace State was so cool being next to her!
Gid & Terry are Rosie's parents and were relaxing before supper on Thursday night.
Girly is a Boston Terrier who loves to camp!  She gets to go on every trip her folks take.
This is Girly's mom, Dana who dropped by for a visit and happy hour.
"Peace, Love & Caravanning!"

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  1. Hey there Splash, I know just what you mean. Mr. R has this certain order to do things when getting ready to go. I think sometimes Mrs. T just hides or spends extra long fixing her hair or something. Glad you had a good time on the Trace. R&T's Pod