Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hangin' With My Buddies

Mornin' everyone from J.P. Coleman State Park out in the middle of nowhere in Mississippi.  While Momma Sharon is in the shower, I grabbed the Mac so I could send you greetings!

Yesterday at 10 a.m., I pulled out on The Natchez Trace for our 444-mile trip south.  It didn't take long for my Camper Mom to herd us all in a row so she could start taking photos . . . she's predictable for sure!

I want to introduce my friends to you.  This is "T@Bernacle" . . . her Camper Mom is Diane from Atlanta, GA and she and my Mom are big buddies!!

This is "RT" . . . her Camper Mom & Dad are Susan & Bob from Pittsboro, NC.  I really love RT because she has special colors just like me!

This is "Sunny Boy" . . . his Mom & Dad are Deb & Bob from Florida.  (It's kinda nice to have a fellow with us instead of all girls . . . tee hee)

This is "Tiny Home" and her Mom and Dad are Dana and Larry from Bradenton, FL.  You'll notice she looks a little different from us . . . that's because she's a T@DA.

This is "Rosie", who recently had some cosmetic surgery, and her Camper Mom is Terry and her Camper Dad is Doctor Gid.  She hails from Dover, DE.

This is "T@B-rific" who used to live in Albany, NY but recently moved down South to Pittsboro, NC.  Her Mom and Dad are Toolbelt Sue & Daddy Rich.

And of course you know who this beauty is!!  It's ME . . . "SplashT@B" from Newton, NC.

This is what we look like when we want to show off!!

Wanna see our Camper Moms and Dads?  Here they are posing in front of the National Park sign designating the beginning of the Natchez Trace Parkway.  They are a great looking bunch . . . just like us!!

Oops . . . gotta scoot.  I hear Momma and Aunt Becky coming.  Y'all have a great day and check back soon to hear another Natchez Trace Caravan SplashT@B Story!!

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