Sunday, September 30, 2012

I've Been Camping!!

Hey everyone!  Guess where I've been for the last four days . . . camping in Townsend, TN.  My Camper Mom and I left home Thursday morning and had a great drive through the Blue Ridge and Great Smoky Mountains on our way to a Sisters on the Fly event called "My Grass Is Blue".

We drove for a little bit on the Foothills Parkway and look at this neat photo of me!  Momma Sharon put me right in the middle of the Parkway sign . . . pretty cool huh?

Every time I turn around, she's got that camera pointed towards me snapping picture after picture.  You would think that after six years of camping with me, that she would have enough . . . LOL!

I spent the weekend in a campground I've never been to and quite frankly, didn't even know was in Townsend.  It used to be called Tuckaleechee Campground after the nearby caverns, but when it was sold recently, the new owners changed the name.  I don't really care what they called it, I was happy to be there!

That is until I found out that the spot I wanted to park in was under huge walnut trees and they were falling like bombs out of the air.  I knew that my Camper Mom would never park me under a walnut tree and I was right!  She picked out another site, but it was the rockiest place I've ever stayed.  I have to admit that I was kinda scared while we were backing up and Momma Sharon had to put a huge rock under my jockey wheel to keep me from rolling down hill!!

I stayed put all weekend and didn't move an inch.  I got to meet a whole bunch of old gals I had never met before.  Right beside me was The Ant Bed Lodge that had little black ants crawling all over her.  But on the other side of her was a neat old Classic Coach that belonged to Momma Laura from Alabama.  I think she was my favorite because of her faded green color and all those windows!

Momma Sharon had fun spending time with her friend Tink from Knoxville and visiting with all the Sisters.  She even went junkin' one morning . . . surprise, surprise.

It was a little chilly every night, but I kept my Camper Mom toasty and warm inside.  She put out all my favorite decorations, but not my window awnings.  To tell you the truth, I never really know what kind of decorations she's bringing for me from trip to trip.  Have you ever seen what my little kitchen looks like?  Well here you go . . .

I went to sleep every night to the smell of a campfire and I woke up every morning to the laughter of Momma's Sisters around the coffee pot.  Pretty sweet, huh?

Next week, Momma Sharon is going to give me a bath, vacuum my carpet and couches, and spray me with some safe stuff that she says will kill the little tiny spiders that like to hide inside of me.  And the reason she's going to get me looking spiffy is that I'm hitting the road on October 8 for a trip down the Natchez Trace with Aunt Becky and 6 other T@Bs.  I can't wait!!

Thanks for dropping in on this last Sunday in September to hear the Story of my camping trip to Townsend, TN!  Have a good week everyone.

"Peace, Love & Camping"

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  1. Hi Sharon - What's the "safe stuff" you spray for spiders? Our little Sunny may need something but we have an equally cute little doggy who I want to keep safe.