Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I'm On The Quilt!!

Evenin' everyone!  I have the most awesome news to share with you!!

Momma Sharon is a member of a group of camping women called Sisters on the Fly.  Over the weekend of October 26th, she will be joining a whole mess of Sisters down in Atlanta, GA.  What's the occasion?  It's the huge Country Living Fair at Stone Mountain.  The Sisters will have three trailers on display during the show too.

At the show, the Sisters will be raffling off a quilt to raise money for Casting For Recovery.  The quilt is really cool because it features trailers.  And guess what?  I am one of the trailers that was picked for a square!!  Look down on the bottom row in the middle...it's ME!!

You probably don't know any of the other gals on the quilt, but I'll tell you about them just in case you are curious.

Sharon Lambert' s Gypsy Road Queen
Heidi Byerly's Ridin Shotgun
Debra Facer's Delaia Jo
Rebecca Amerson's Bookmobile (from last year)
Maurrie's Pretty Shield
Becky's Twisted Sister
Beverly Riddenour's Lizzie Blanche (was going to be on display but is not ready to show)
Pat Hardin's Precious
Sharon Sigmon's SplashT@B
Terri Garten's Second Hand Can
Also a square depicting Stone Mountain, our charity, Corrall, and Country Living Fair!

Momma Sharon is kinda down in the dumps because she didn't get to go to Michigan on Monday to pick up The Coffee Cup.  There was another delay and I gotta tell you that she wasn't a happy camper when she found out.  I think that she's doing better today and when she heard that I'm a quilt square, she really perked up!  I'm so glad I could make her happy again.

I hope y'all are having a good week wherever you are and remember...

"Peace, Love & Camping"

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  1. Love the quilt! Hate to hear about the postponement yet again!! Hang in there!!