Friday, October 26, 2018

Splish Splash, We Have Taken Our Bath

Quack, quack, splish, splash!  Yeppers, it's been that wet today.  We knew there was a 100% chance of rain today and Mother Nature kept her word.  The good thing about rain at the beach is that the puddles and lakes dry up quickly!

Four brave souls were up and out at 9:00 for breakfast at the Waffle House just up the road.  It was the perfect morning to let someone else do the cooking and then do the dishes for Mom and friends!  Comfort food at the counter with Miriam the waitress made for some happy campers.

Selfie time at the Waffle House
Breakfast hit the spot

Before coming back home, Splish turned north on Ocean Blvd for a cruise up to the Sky Wheel and back.  Mom said there was NOBODY on the streets and it looked like everyone had bugged out for a hurricane.

A bit of journaling, some computer games, and a nap occupied Momma Sharon's time before leaving for the movie at 3:30.  The plan was for a bunch of our Beach Peeps to see "A Star Is Born".  Well it seems like half of Myrtle Beach had the same idea.  By the time they got up to the ticket window, it was sold out!  4 got in and 4 got shut out.

Back at the campground, the bottom had fallen out . . . pouring rain, thunder, lightning, and wind.  So Mom and Bec sat in the truck to wait for it to calm down.

Trapped in the truck during the storm

The big pine trees were swaying in the wind and someone got spooked enough to head down to the big parking lot at the pier.  Yep, they left me to fend for myself!

Parked at the beach watching the storm

It didn't take too long for the big yellow blob on the radar to move on and conditions to improve. Once back, Mom grabbed her camera to walk around and take some lakefront property snapshots.

Lakefront property at The Lazzaro's

Lucy has her own little lake

Splish & I are surrounded by water

John & Sandy next door were a little wet too

There's a river running past Deb

Luckily the river isn't even close!

Kathryn on the other hand was totally flooded!

Lily & Kathryn watching the world float by

Well that tells you a bit about our big wet day.  The beach gang is headed to Dagwood's Deli for supper.  I gotta scoot and tell Mom goodbye.  She will probably be writing a Postcard for you tomorrow, so I will see you when I get back home to my T@Bport.  Until then, always remember . . .

"Peace, Love, & A Wet Day On The Coast"

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