Friday, May 12, 2017

We Have Buttons!

Heyeee campers and friends!  I know it's Blue Ridge Rally time when two things happen.  

#1 - I get a bath.  My Mom scrubs every inch of me, she hits every nook and cranny, she checks around my window seals for spiders, dusts every flat surface inside of me, and gets me looking fabulous since I'm the host T@B for this shindig.

#2 - Momma Sharon takes care of her final chore . . . making ID Buttons.  Those buttons are famous and collectible and just plain cute. How can you go wrong when our California T@Bbin' buddy and artist, Sara, is involved.  I could tell that Mom was tired and distracted because she boogered up four of them.  

Now 4 out of 100+ doesn't seem too bad to me, but she's a perfectionist when it comes to these little badges.  On top of that, she found one set of duplicates and then messed up 3 of the 4 she re-did because she forgot to put the little Newbie star on them.

Well I'm here to report that they are finished, have been checked and re-checked to make sure everyone has one, and they are now packed away for the trip.

Mom printed 11 sheets of buttons, then cut them out
Miss Kathryn's button is assembled
Checked, double-checked, & packed
Even the Big Meadow crew gets a Blue Ridge button
The most special ones are the 10 For 10 ones . . . these 8 Blue Ridgers haven't missed one single Blue Ridge Rally!!

Now that Splish is packed and the final item has been checked off our list, it's time for a little R&R so Mom can catch her breath before the Blue Ridgers start rolling into Big Meadow Family Campground on Sunday.

This will be my last Story for a couple of weeks.  Momma Sharon will take over the blogging duties during the rally and caravan and we both invite you to pick up your Postcard every day to see why "we have so much fun it should be illegal."  Until I'm back with more Tales, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, & Blue Ridge Buttons"


  1. Great looking buttons! Have fun and we'll be watching remotely.

    1. Thank ya ma'am. Mom and I both sure wish you were coming. Splash

  2. I-CAN'T-WAIT!!!! Yes, I'm screaming!!! ;-)